Annual Report on Institutional Effectiveness

The Annual Report on Institutional Effectiveness - University Assessment Committee Report provides the university and its leadership a review of the purpose of Assessment, key milestones, results and changes, and Assessment success stories. The 2014-2015 University of Central Florida Annual Report on Institutional Effectiveness Assessment will be available in the Assessment Presentations section August 31st, 2016

New and improved OEAS Knowledgebase has arrived

The new version of OEAS Knowledgebase is now available to the UCF community. We have made a few changes to our portal to make accessibility to information easier. Users will need to use their NID credentials to log into the new system.

Graduating Student Survey

At UCF, all graduating students filing their intent to graduate are strongly encouraged to complete a graduating student survey. The survey measures general satisfaction with the institution and student support services provided and includes questions related to academic advising the student received while at UCF. The survey also focuses on the student’s experience in their major and the preparation UCF provided in developing various skills for the student’s future plans. The Graduating Student Survey results are available on the OEAS Knowledgebase site.

First Destination Survey

The First Destination Survey is administered each term, four weeks prior to graduation, to all graduating students and asks students to provide information about what they plan to do upon leaving UCF. Graduates report regarding their career fields, employers, geographic locations, salaries, graduate or professional school plans, if they plan to volunteer, join armed forces or start a family. Additional information about the First Destination Survey is available on the OEAS Knowledgebase site.