College of Arts and Humanities
Academic Learning Compact for IE Assessment

Art B.A.

UCF graduates with a B.A. degree in Art will be able to:

Discipline Specific Knowledge, Skills, Behavior and Values Outcomes

1. Identify and explain the visual elements, in all combinations

2. Describe the inherent properties of the principal artistic media

3. Recognize historic styles, their sequence, and the cultural forces that shaped them

4. Identify career opportunities within the art world

Critical Thinking Outcomes

5. Critically analyze works of art or written materials within the contemporary discourse of the subdisciplines: studio art, art history, criticism, arts management, art education, and/or graphic design

6. Develop a personal conceptual framework for evaluating the relevance of a work, visual or verbal, within its larger cultural, social, or historic context

7. Conduct research by selecting and managing both traditional and non-traditional resources to inform decisions

Communication Outcomes

8. Convey a complex idea effectively through purely visual means

9. Verbally communicate a complex idea in spoken or written form

10. Verbally communicate a complex idea in written form

11. Employ (or intentionally reject) professional communication conventions, when it is appropriate to do so

Assessment of Art Outcomes

These outcomes will be assessed using a variety of assessment methods, including: