College of Community Innovation and Education
Academic Learning Compact for IE Assessment

Early Childhood Development and Education B.S.

UCF Early Childhood Education graduates will demonstrate the ability to:

Discipline Specific Knowledge, Skills, Behavior and Values Outcomes

1. Demonstrate a breadth of subject matter knowledge that enables students to approach and to interrelate topics from a variety of perspectives, interests, and points of view

2. Use the references, materials and technologies of the discipline in a manner appropriate to the developmental stage of the learner

3. Continuously monitor changes in the early childhood education field

Critical Thinking Outcomes

4. Analyze student performance standards to identify associated higher-order thinking skills

5. Design learning and performance strategies to evoke these higher-order skills from students

6. Pose problems, dilemmas, and questions in lessons that involve value knowledge and that require evaluative thinking

7. Assist students in applying the rules of evidence that govern the acceptability of judgments and conclusions

8. Guide students in evaluating the plausibility of claims or interpretations in the field of study

9. Motivate, encourage, and support individual and group inquiry

10. Use technology and other appropriate tools to extend the learning environment for students

Communication Outcomes

11. Communicate accurate subject matter in a language and style appropriate to the learner

12. Establish positive interaction in the learning environment that uses incentives and consequences for students to promote excellence

13. Communicate effectively, in both verbal and nonverbal styles, with all students, including those with handicapping conditions and those of varying cultural and linguistic backgrounds

14. Communicate with and challenges all students in a positive and supportive manner that conveys high expectations

15. Encourage students' desire to receive and accept constructive feedback on individual work and behavior

Assessment of Early Childhood Education Outcomes

These outcomes will be assessed using a variety of assessment methods, including: