College of Nursing
Academic Learning Compact for IE Assessment

Nursing B.S.N.

UCF Nursing graduates will demonstrate the ability to:

Discipline Specific Knowledge, Skills, Behavior and Values Outcomes

1. Describe the concepts that provide the foundation of the nursing curriculum, including those in anatomy and physiology, nutrition, microbiology, pharmacology, and growth and development

2. Explain the use of the nursing process in providing care to clients of all ages

3. Describe and use appropriate teaching-learning theories to design, implement, and evaluate educational experiences with clients of all ages and abilities

4. Implement and evaluate therapeutic nursing interventions

5. Demonstrate skilled use of nursing equipment

Critical Thinking Outcomes

6. Conduct accurate health assessments to determine appropriate care of individuals, families and communities

7. Incorporate socio-cultural, ethnic, religious, and other unique individual considerations when implementing the nursing process

8. Practice active inquiry and problem solving strategies in addressing health care concerns

9. Evaluate and use appropriate research findings in nursing practice

10. Apply and evaluate ethics in nursing decisions

Communication Outcomes

11. Use information technologies to enhance knowledge base

12. Participate effectively in community and professional groups and organizations

13. Make effective oral presentations of research findings

14. Demonstrate proficiency in nursing terminology and abbreviations

15. Write accurate reports for varied purposes: records, summaries, etc.

Assessment of Nursing Outcomes

These outcomes will be assessed using a variety of assessment methods, including: