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UCF 21-TR-98-017 Observations from Summer 1998 Orientation Sessions for FTIC and Transfer Students - September 1998
UCF 21-TR-98-016 Final Report UCF 21 Phase 1 - June 1998
UCF 21-TR-98-015 The Potential Use of the Web for On-Line Searching - June 1998
UCF 21-TR-98-014 The Potential Use of the Web for Conducting Surveys - June 1998
UCF 21-TR-98-011 An Evaluation of Student Satisfaction Surveys and Recommendations - September 1998
UCF 21-TR-98-009 Documentation of the Relationships Among Student Services
UCF 21-TR-98-008 An Analysis of Kiosks at UCF
UCF 21-TR-98-007 Evaluation of UCF Web Site - June 1998
UCF 21-TR-98-006 The UCF 21 Web Site Construction, Development and Implementation - March 1998
UCF 21-TR-98-005 An Inventory of Non-Electronic Communication Media at UCF - June 1998
UCF 21-TR-98-004 An Inventory of Information Systems at UCF - March 1998 (Revised August 1998)
UCF 21-TR-98-003 An Inventory of Student Services and Processes at UCF - March 1998
UCF 21-TR-98-002 An Inventory of Student Satisfaction Surveys Conducted at UCF's Main Campus - March 1998
UCF 21-TR-98-001 Integrating Reengineering and TQM to Achieve Operational Excellence in Student Services - February 1998
UCF 21-TR-97-004 Student Registration Analysis: Fall 1997 - October 1997
UCF 21-TR-97-003 Fall 1997 Registration: Summary of Student Interviews - October 1997
UCF 21-TR-97-002 The Student Database and Its Relationship to Student Services - October 1997
UCF 21-TR-97-001 Guidelines for the UCF 21 Technical Report Series - September 25, 1997
UCF 21 Project Proposal - June 30, 1997

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