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OEAS supports the statistical and survey analysis needs of academic programs. Needs may relate to assessment, program review, and accreditation processes, as well as other initiatives. Ongoing institutional survey studies also collect information to support the needs of administrative areas. We provide the following services:

  • Review/reformat/revise survey instruments programs/units may have in place
  • Consult on the design of measurement strategies
  • Design studies and coordinate data collection for UCF Institutional Survey studies
  • Assist programs who are designing program-specific questions for the Graduating Senior Survey or the UCF Graduating Graduate Student Survey
  • Design and implement specialized surveys
  • Analyze results of UCF Institutional Surveys and specialized surveys
  • Prepare reports
  • Disseminate survey results
  • Assist in the interpretation of results
  • Conduct workshops on assessment and measurement topics

OEAS Knowledgebase

OEAS Knowledgebase is a secure portal that provides central access to OEAS topical briefs and statistical and survey study reports. Topical briefs include reports related to retention, time to degree, engagement, post-educational outcomes and high impact educational practices. Statistical and survey study reports show results from Entering Student Surveys, Graduating Student Surveys, First Destination Survey, and the National Survey of Student Engagement.

Reports and Presentations

Mining Big data to Solve the Retention and Graduation Puzzle
Engagement Activities and Academic Success of Engineering Undergraduate Students: A Case Study
First Destination Survey - Frequently Asked Questions
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