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The University Assessment Committee (UAC) was established by President Hitt in 1996 to support a process of continual self-evaluation and improvement at the University of Central Florida. The primary purpose of the UAC is to oversee and assist academic and administrative units in conducting ongoing assessment to improve student-learning, student development, and university services and operations.

The University Assessment Committee provides assessment leadership for more than 300 academic programs and administrative units across the university. Each UAC member chairs a divisional review committee for an academic, administrative, or other designated unit in the university. Each college and primary university division is represented, as is the general education program.

The UAC has the following charge:

  • Define and implement university institutional effectiveness (IE) assessment policy and procedures
  • Oversee and review the quality of the divisional review committees’ reviews of program and unit assessment results reports and plans
  • Provide an annual report to the president documenting strengths and weaknesses of the university's overall effort in assessment and institutional effectiveness
  • Provide feedback to OEAS regarding the development and improvement of the university assessment Web application

UAC Membership

UAC Academic Program Representatives
UAC Administrative Unit Representatives

UAC Policies and Procedures

University Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Policies and Procedures
Institutional Effectiveness Assessment Organizational Chart Fall 2023