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Assessment is an ongoing process that uses the results from measured outcomes to improve programs and operations. In 1994, UCF established a goal that all academic and administrative units would develop mission statements, objectives, and at least three outcome measures to assess and improve programs and operations. Today, every academic program and administrative unit at UCF is actively engaged in an assessment process. At UCF, seeking evidence-based improvement in student learning outcomes and operations is the most important driver to conducting assessment.

UCF faculty and staff members have defined expected outcomes, assessed the extent to which these outcomes are achieved, and have modified and improved their academic programs and administrative units based on assessment results.

The UCF Institutional Effectiveness Assessment process is overseen by Divisional Review Committees that are aligned to colleges and divisions. As can be seen from the Institutional Effectiveness Assessment organizational chart, the UCF IE Assessment model classifies two broad categories: academic programs and administrative units.

As part of the Institutional Effectiveness Assessment process all of the assessment plans and results undergo an annual review by Divisional Review Committees and the University Assessment Committee (UAC).

The OEAS office provides workshops, consultations, and direct support to academic programs and administrative units in developing and implementing assessment plans, designing and analyzing program-specific surveys, conducting analyses of processes, and preparing for accreditation site visits. The OEAS office also provides administrative support for the University Assessment Committee and designs and maintains the Institutional Effectiveness Assessment web application that archives all academic program and administrative unit assessment plans. OEAS facilitates the Institutional Effectiveness Assessment submission and review process.

Robust assessment conducted to improve also meets external drivers set forth by regional and discipline accreditors (e.g., Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) Criteria for Accreditation, CAEP, AACSB, and ABET). Therefore, it is recommended that faculty members align program assessment to discipline specific standards.

The University Assessment Committee

The University Assessment Committee (UAC) was established by President Hitt in 1996 to support a process of continual self-evaluation and improvement at the University of Central Florida. The primary purpose of the UAC is to oversee and assist academic and administrative units in conducting ongoing assessment to improve student-learning, student development, and university services and operations.

The University Assessment Committee provides assessment leadership for more than 300 academic programs and administrative units across the university. Each UAC member chairs a divisional review committee for an academic, administrative, or other designated unit in the university. Each college and primary university division is represented, as is the general education program.

The UAC has the following charge:

  • Define and implement university institutional effectiveness (IE) assessment policy and procedures
  • Oversee and review the quality of the divisional review committees’ reviews of program and unit assessment results reports and plans
  • Provide an annual report to the president documenting strengths and weaknesses of the university's overall effort in assessment and institutional effectiveness
  • Provide feedback to OEAS regarding the development and improvement of the university assessment Web application

Reports and Presentations

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